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You want to invest in the art market?

With Fine Arts Advisory and Mrs. Chrystelle Vidamment you can benefit from excellent
services designed to support you in a reliable and confidential approach.

We guide our clients in their strategy for acquiring
and selling works of art.

Our art expertise is based on a scientific methodology that provides quality and optimum solutions for selling and acquiring your works of art. In addition, our independence from the art market is a real plus and allows us to establish a trusting relationship with our clients.


Detect market opportunities to invest in unique works of art, possibly never offered on the market, historical or emerging.


Propose the acquisition of art masterpieces for museum and private collections and thus create centers of cultural, educational, and touristic influence.

Support buying

Strategical advice on acquisitions providing expert service and attention to detail at each step.
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In-person Viewings | Negotiation | Acquisition | Strategy

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Art appraisal

Art appraisal is a part of financial appraisal that deals with estimating the fair market value of works of art. We combine financial evaluation techniques with objective observations about a particular piece of art's cultural, scientific value and significance. Art appraisal requires a high level of expertise in appraisal methods and in-depth knowledge of the world of art and science.


The art market withstands the latest global crises and has unbeatable profitability. Moreover, the market's stability, maturity, and constant growth make it attractive to new billionaires and investment funds, who see it as a haven.


Collection Review | Category Valuations | Bespoke Strategy | Advice | universal interpretation of works of art | Retrace the history of humanity in work thanks to a universal methodology.

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Art Fairs | Exhibitions | Reports | Books | Research.

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